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Ok, this is not going to be nearly as well-organized or coherent as some people's reports - between it being my first time seeing Chris, standing 5 feet from him while waiting in the merchandise line, and having him shake my hand, I'm a little stupid right now. :) I probably can't even give you a decent playlist, so I'm just gonna hit the high points.

This was, as he pointed out, the first time he's ever come to Oklahoma,and since 1988, I've never been able to make it anywhere else to see him, if you can believe that, so yeah, I was a leetle bit happy about him finally stopping here. It was an outdoor venue, which is a great place for a concert.

He came out in the hot-pink-with-rhinestones suit, and I wish I could remember what the first song was, but the second or third song was "Return to Me". He'd been saying something about Kenny's family having driven down from Tulsa to see him, and right in the midst of the song, he decide to mingle with the crowd on the pretext of "looking for Kenny's family", and not just the people in the VIP pit, either. Nope, he made a big U right through the middle of the crowd (of course folowed closely by a Guy in Black), not quite getting where we were sitting, but awful near nonetheless, and did a little flirting, too. :)

Shortly after that, Chris got on the drums (!!!) and Kenny got out front and sang, "California Sun" - I was kinda surprised by how well Kenny sang, I don't think I've ever heard it just him before!

Let's see, what did they play? What my muddled brain can remember and certainly not in order: Return to Me, Wicked Game, Somebody's Cryin', Two Hearts, Let Me Down Easy, Let's Have a Party, Forever Blue acoustic, Only the Lonely, Speak of the Devil, I Want You to Want Me - oh yes! Partway through, Chris scooted off stage, while the rest of them cut loose with Supermagic 2000, and Christ came back in the mirror suit OMGYAY!!! Then they played Blue Hotel; after that was an awesome medley of Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing/Don't Be Cruel/Gone Ridin'(which is one of my absolute favourites), and I'm just sure there was at least one song after that, but again, see above re:muddled.

They played slightly more than an hour - Stevie Nicks was also on the ticket - and so of course my friend and I scampered up to check out the merchandise so we could take it wherever to get it signed, and while we're standing there in line, here comes Chris! (Grey suit, dark reddish tie with one of those lei flowers on it.) He proceeds to go behind the counter and start signing right as people are buying things.

Of course the movement of the line came to a grinding halt, which resulted in me being able to get a good, long look as he was going up and down the counter signing and saying hi and thank you and shaking hands and showing the very few little kids in line how he can wiggle his ears. *has died and is dead of the cute* There was a ten-year-old girl right behind me, and I could hear her saying, "He's so cute." She could not take her eyes off of him; she was just adorable, and I made sure she could skootch up beside me and get a little closer.

My friend got a t-shirt, and I got two of the CD/DVD Greatest Hits combo (one for me, one for a friend who got sick and couldn't make it)- he signed her t-shirt with a guitar drawing, one of my combos with a halo over his picture, the other with devil horns (and of course his name). Since both she and I were in a deep state of "emphatically not cool", we could not say anything cool, and therefore had to be content with, "HI!" "Thank you!" and a handshake. I'm pretty okay with that, lemme tell ya.

I was very impressed with how chipper he was, considering he'd gotten off-stage less than 15 minutes earlier and was still carrying around a towel to wipe off his forehead, and you know? Just as good-looking in person. :)

All in all, a wonderful evening and I'm probably not going to be able to wind down enough to get into bed at a decent hour, but I'm pretty okay with that, too!
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