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The Chris Isaak LJ Community
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This is for all fans of Chris Isaak and/or the Chris Isaak show! I am groovysegue, your moderator along with lolitahaze1. If you have any questions about the site, let us know! I started this site in January 2002 because of my love for the brilliant music and dazzling looks of Chris. Since then I had the pleasure of meeting him after his show in July 2002 in Dallas and met a few of the people behind the business end of his music.

"Me & the Husband and The Isaak"

The Best of Chris Isaak CD and DVD out now!

We are all still anxiously awaiting the release of two DVDs...the infamous "Baja Sessions" and a box set of all three seasons of Showtime's "The Chris Isaak Show". As more info is released, we will let you know. In the meantime, it's time for his annual Summer Tour! For the latest tour information...

Chris Isaak 2006 Tour Schedule

A big thank you to members anomaly_kat and silver_storm for their awesome help with posting tour info, TV appearances and other cool news...and pictures! Y'all are the best!

Chris Isaak is Wicked Love.

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