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The NEW songs played at the recent shows.

Hi all,

"We Let Her Down"
"The Best I Ever Had"
"Take My Heart"

There are youtube recordings of the first two songs but I haven't heard any of the last one.  I read a review with the last title in it on the "official" chris isaak board.

The latest news about the tour, the movie, the t.v. show AND the new album is all VERY exciting.  I really appreciate all the fans and their reviews/recordings of the live shows because I can't attend any this year.  (Well, I could attend one of his live shows if I REALLY wanted to, but I'd have to be totally INSANE to attempt such an ambitious excursion.  I've done ambitious excursions BEFORE but never like this one!  I'll stop typing about it now...)  The Informers trailer is out and features our hero prominently.  The t.v. show will air 30 days from NOW on the BIO channel and feature LIVE music EVERY WEEK!  The NEW album that fans like us have been anxiously awaiting for 4 years is finally being slowly REVEALED.  Sort of like a big strip tease!  Ha ha ha!

Cue the Baby Did a Bad Thing video.  

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