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Chris is in town!!!

Hey gang, high excitement yesterday, when I got to work, and my boss Monika, and another girl at work, told me Chris Isaak was playing at Martin Place, which is right near my work!!! He was playing for "Sunrise", an Aussie light news/chat show, which screens every weekday morning. They have studios that have an open window to Martin Place-I guess they took their inspiration from NBC's 'Today" show in the US.

So anyway, I rushed down with them to see Chris, play-he did two warmup numbers, one about him being "a roadrunner", and then a rehearsal of "Wicked Game", and then when the cameras came on, he did a REALLY GOOD version of "Wicked Game", and it was so sweeet to see him up so close, I really enjoyed it! It was actually a bit like a dream, to come in a Friday morning, and see Chris play live, and it was all so unscheduled for me, as I had no idea he was even in Sydney, yet! Anyway just thought I'd share this, and I can't wait till November 15, when I see him live at the Capitol Theatre!!!

Later guys!!!

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