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San Francisco Days.....

Seriously....Chris Isaak's music helps to make me feel happier than I have in MONTHS.....

Not that this is related to this community but I've been SERIOUSLY ill for weeks and days and months ! (Fell at work in Jan., had surgery in May....with SERIOUS complications....I've been in and out of the hospital.....). I was ADAMANT that I be discharged on Sunday July 9th.

For what reason ????


Worth every penny and then some ! He never lets me down....(easy !) HAHA !

Now that I'm better....we're planning a road trip from Arizona to Northern California....for some "San Francisco Days" ! I am SO excited I can't stand it !

I hope those of you enjoying his tour this summer have as much fun as we did !

Cheers !
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Glad you are doin better--Chris' music can soothe the soul, that's for sure!
thanks for the comment....

CERTAIN musicians really help me out....chris has been paramount in doing this for me !

i hope your life is well !

cheers !