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And the withdrawals begin...

Wow. Any night spent with Chris is automatically without question just an awesome night.

I'm gonna try to keep this one relatively short (if you've read any of my previous Chris recaps, you'll probably thank me for this)... and this was the Pechanga show, by the way.

The show was FANTASTIC. Our seats were awesome; although we weren't down near the stage, the Showroom is small enough that there's not really a bad seat in the house. We were probably 40 or 50 feet (or so, maybe less, I suck at gauging distances) from the stage, and I could've gotten some absolutely kick-ass pictures if there hadn't been an usher sitting right in front me (we were on the aisle in the first row of the second section). The set list, as far as I can remember it (I was possibly somewhat drunk and so will probably miss a few and aside from the first and last songs will not be in order):

Lonely With A Broken Heart (the opener, no more American Boy)
Let Me Down Easy
Speak Of The Devil (this is where he ran through the crowd, instead of during "Bonnie B"... because of where our seats were he passed about two feet in front of me TWICE)
Let's Have A Party
Somebody's Crying
Wicked Game
Except The New Girl
Gone Ridin'
Waiting (I'm SO glad they added this to the set list, I LOVE this song)
Go Walking Down There
King Without A Castle
One Day
I Want You To Want Me
Two Hearts

*right around here they pulled up the stools and started the acoustic part of the show, the melody to "5:15" was playing as they got ready*

Blue Moon of Kentucky
Wouldn't Be The Same Without You
Only The Lonely
Don't Be Cruel (yeah, don't think Michelvis and I weren't positively giddy over this one)
Graduation Day
Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me) (Ohhohhohhhh lawdy... I do love this song)

*around here was I think where he morphed into ol' Mirror Butt*

Super Magic 2000
Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing
San Francisco Days
Blue Hotel
Bonnie B
Blue Spanish Sky (the finale... no more Forever Blue. WTF???)

I know I've missed a few. It was pretty much the Greatest Hits playlist (with the exception of "Please," which I've YET to hear him sing live), with some other goodies thrown in. There were some glaring omissions, like "Heart Shaped World," "American Boy," "Notice The Ring," and HELLO "FOREVER BLUE" WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT??? But it was good to see him mix it up a little and put a few in that he doesn't normally. And there were a few times, mostly during the acoustic set, that they wouldn't even stop between songs but just seamlessly transition from one to another (like I know he went from one song into "Graduation Day" but I can't remember which song it was, so I know I'm forgetting that one). His voice was on perfectly, just like it always is. DAMN can that man hold a note.

He did his usual crowd banter and was rip-roaring hilarious, as usual, except he didn't seem to stop for as many interludes as he normally does. I guess it could just be my imagination; my perception could be a little off since I didn't get to see him at all last year, but it seemed like there was less this time. And the show was definitely shorter; only about an hour and a half when it's usually closer to 2 hours.

The meet and greet seemed to be a little shorter, too. We still got to talk to all the guys, and they still remembered us, which was very cool. Snapped some quick pictures, got my usual hug from Kenney and Roly and I think I probably said something stupid to Hershel (the multitude of drinks had a firm grip by this time). I think I was probably like the last one to talk to Chris, before I knew it it was last call and I didn't even really have time to figure out which shirt I wanted, I just pointed to one. I'd hoped they'd have new pictures so I could get that signed instead, but if they had any I didn't see them. I may wear the shirt anyway, even though it's signed... goodness knows I've got their signatures on enough other stuff.

The show and the entire experience were fabulous, everything just seemed a bit more rushed than it has been in the past. And as usual, I've been having my typical withdrawal symptoms and hating the fact that this is the only time I'll be seeing him this year. It even occured to me that maybe I should've tried to plan another mini-vacation and flown up north to see him or something. I hate that he only played 3 SoCal shows total. SO not fair. I'm hoping maybe he'll add a few more at the end of summer before he heads to Oz.

So yeah, it was another magical night. To those of you lucky enough to still be looking forward to an upcoming show... have a wonderful time! =)

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