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Chris Isaak 2009 Tour [25 May 2009|05:45pm]

I've got my tix for the MI show. My first Chris Isaak concert (been listening to him for over 10 years).  I'm really excited! 
Anyone else got their tix for this upcoming tour?
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Chris Isaak - We Let Her Down Official Music Video [24 Mar 2009|12:59pm]


Watch more AOL Music videos on AOL Video

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....My Chris Paintings.... [27 Oct 2008|02:26am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I did some paintings, and if anyone is interested in seeing them....

Here you go LOL:

"Friendliness In A Pink Suit"
"I'll Go Crazy"
"Merry Christmas Baby"

And if you're interested in prints, they're 15.00 each, and you can contact me at GoldDustGypsy20@yahoo.com

THANKS! (And hello to my CI Board homies!)


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The NEW songs played at the recent shows. [11 Aug 2008|08:02pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hi all,

"We Let Her Down"
"The Best I Ever Had"
"Take My Heart"

There are youtube recordings of the first two songs but I haven't heard any of the last one.  I read a review with the last title in it on the "official" chris isaak board.

The latest news about the tour, the movie, the t.v. show AND the new album is all VERY exciting.  I really appreciate all the fans and their reviews/recordings of the live shows because I can't attend any this year.  (Well, I could attend one of his live shows if I REALLY wanted to, but I'd have to be totally INSANE to attempt such an ambitious excursion.  I've done ambitious excursions BEFORE but never like this one!  I'll stop typing about it now...)  The Informers trailer is out and features our hero prominently.  The t.v. show will air 30 days from NOW on the BIO channel and feature LIVE music EVERY WEEK!  The NEW album that fans like us have been anxiously awaiting for 4 years is finally being slowly REVEALED.  Sort of like a big strip tease!  Ha ha ha!

Cue the Baby Did a Bad Thing video.  


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Episode "Taking Off" from The Chris Issask Show? [16 Dec 2007|02:30am]

Anyone know where I can find it? I've looked everywhere and the only dvd out apparently has it but it's very LQ in terms of quality. Any help is appreciated. 
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Chris In "Visit California" Commercial [12 Oct 2007|12:09am]

[ mood | surprised ]

Has anyone else seen the new "Visit California" California???

It was SUCH an AMAZING surprise to see him ! It was your typical, Ah-nold Schwartz guy doing the regular commercial....different people are talking about a work themed things, play on words.....skateboarders saying they go to a lot of "board meetings".....Vanessa Williams saying (at Disneyland) that she "works with a lot of characters"....and THEN....

Chris saying, "We burn the midnight oil!"

I was soooooo excited. He's on the beach, at a bonfire !!! Oh gosh, I just love him !

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Chris Issak on ABC Tonight [18 Sep 2007|04:53pm]

Chris will be on ABC tonight. He's participating in that Elvis Tribute that's on.

I hope it's not too late for some of you....

Here is a link:

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....If Anyone ACTUALLY reads this.... [09 Jun 2007|03:00pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I started a Chris fanfic site. I need some content.

And also I want to know some basics about Chris, it's probably going to be kiddie stuff, but if you can help me out that would be good.

I'm a big Stevie Nicks fan. Usually I can look at a picture and tell when it was taken. Like Wild Heart Era, or Bella Donna Era.
What would be the Chris Isaak equivalent of that?

Just how avid of a surfer is he?

He's fifty one or fifty two?

I can't think of anything else.

Here's the link to my website, if anyone wants to submit a story!!!!


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....Head Over Heels.... [04 Jun 2007|03:45pm]

[ mood | horny ]

He's sexy, he's got blue eyes, and he plays the guitar. I'm gone.

Return the Love, You Took From MeCollapse )

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....Hi, Brand New.... [01 Jun 2007|11:58am]

[ mood | surprised ]

Just got back from my experience of seeing Chris Isaak and Stevie Nicks, and Chris has stolen my heart!!!
I'm in love.

Tell me all you know about this man!!!

~Gold Dust Gypsy

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Report! [30 May 2007|10:13pm]

Ok, this is not going to be nearly as well-organized or coherent as some people's reports - between it being my first time seeing Chris, standing 5 feet from him while waiting in the merchandise line, and having him shake my hand, I'm a little stupid right now. :) I probably can't even give you a decent playlist, so I'm just gonna hit the high points.

This was, as he pointed out, the first time he's ever come to Oklahoma,Collapse )
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[14 Feb 2007|04:27pm]

UK dates

APRIL 2007

14 GLASGOW Clyde Auditorium
20 LONDON Hammersmith Apollo

See you at Hammersmith!
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Summer Vacation with Chris.... [22 Jan 2007|04:18pm]

Does anyone know if/WHEN the Summer Tour will be posted for scheduled dates ?

I'm curious about the following venues: Phoenix, Las Vegas, Cali (anywhere), Portland, Eugene, Seattle, Vancouver.

We're planning our summer vacation and would like to know.

Next time y'all talk to Chris can you ask him to call me ? Thanks ! Maybe then HE can work around OUR dates ? Bwahahahaha !!! :P
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Picspam from 27/10/2006 - Martin Place Sydney [16 Nov 2006|09:41pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hi guys,

Ok, this is late and i fully apologise, but computer problems and other things (mostly being incredibly lazy) have left this post a few weeks late.

I went to see Chris and the band when he did the free mini concert for Channel 7's morning show Sunrise - which meant getting up at 5.00am to be on a train into the city. Totally worth it though, Played Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing and Wicked Game which were completely expected and rediculously good for 8am :)

It was crazy mad though, when they played Wicked Game, Chris sang 'the world was on fire and no one could save me but you' then a fire engine came screaming past the side street just behind the stage. Crazy thing was it happened a 2nd time!

Anyways, enough of be babbling incoherently


Hopefully i'll have some pictures to post next week after 'A Day on the Green' :D Ciao

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Chris Isaak, Chris Isaak, Chris Isaak!!! [16 Nov 2006|08:04am]

[ mood | giddy ]

Hey gang, CHRIS ISAAK WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was the best!!! I actually think out of all the 5 concerts of his I have seen, this was my favorite!!! I was just so hyped and loving it so much!!!

My mate Chris came with me, and he loved it, too!!! It is such an enjoyable experience going to a Chris Isaak concert!!! He played all the hits, and some songs I have not heard him do live, but which are total classics: "'Cept the New Girl", & "Graduation day", in the acoustic section of the show. It was a real treat to hear them. He even played "Washington Square", one of my all time faves, "Two Hearts", the song my sister and I both love...it was just a gasser!!!

And get this: at the end, when Chris does all the signings, (which I so love about him!), I had my "Best of" CD/DVD ready for signing-and when Chris got to me, I said how much I loved the show, and thanks for coming, and he signed the Cd, drew a little angel symbol over his head, and then looked me straight in the eye, flashed a really nice smile, and shook my hand and said "Thanks man"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am officially in Heaven. :D :D :D

x-posted to my LJ

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Chris is in town!!! [28 Oct 2006|09:25am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey gang, high excitement yesterday, when I got to work, and my boss Monika, and another girl at work, told me Chris Isaak was playing at Martin Place, which is right near my work!!! He was playing for "Sunrise", an Aussie light news/chat show, which screens every weekday morning. They have studios that have an open window to Martin Place-I guess they took their inspiration from NBC's 'Today" show in the US.

So anyway, I rushed down with them to see Chris, play-he did two warmup numbers, one about him being "a roadrunner", and then a rehearsal of "Wicked Game", and then when the cameras came on, he did a REALLY GOOD version of "Wicked Game", and it was so sweeet to see him up so close, I really enjoyed it! It was actually a bit like a dream, to come in a Friday morning, and see Chris play live, and it was all so unscheduled for me, as I had no idea he was even in Sydney, yet! Anyway just thought I'd share this, and I can't wait till November 15, when I see him live at the Capitol Theatre!!!

Later guys!!!

x-posted to my own LJ

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[21 Jul 2006|09:48am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I will be going to my first ever Chris Isaak concert on tuesday. I am so excited . I was wondering when the best time to get an autograph was? And if there is a meet and greet, how do i find out about it?

Thanks everyone!

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Interview with Chris.... [18 Jul 2006|11:50pm]

I was snooping around....as always looking for anything Isaak related and I ran into a very candid and fun interview script....

Not sure how many of y'all have seen it....I thought he was as usual...honest, entertaining and funny.

The link is here :


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San Francisco Days..... [18 Jul 2006|10:17am]

[ mood | excited ]

Seriously....Chris Isaak's music helps to make me feel happier than I have in MONTHS.....

Not that this is related to this community but I've been SERIOUSLY ill for weeks and days and months ! (Fell at work in Jan., had surgery in May....with SERIOUS complications....I've been in and out of the hospital.....). I was ADAMANT that I be discharged on Sunday July 9th.

For what reason ????


Worth every penny and then some ! He never lets me down....(easy !) HAHA !

Now that I'm better....we're planning a road trip from Arizona to Northern California....for some "San Francisco Days" ! I am SO excited I can't stand it !

I hope those of you enjoying his tour this summer have as much fun as we did !

Cheers !

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And the withdrawals begin... [16 Jul 2006|10:53pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Wow. Any night spent with Chris is automatically without question just an awesome night.

I'm gonna try to keep this one relatively short (if you've read any of my previous Chris recaps, you'll probably thank me for this)... and this was the Pechanga show, by the way.

I love this manCollapse )

x-posted to my personal journal

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